5 signs you may be dealing with depression or an unhealthy amount of stress

We throw about the words “stress” and “depression” quite easily these days.  A bad day at work, dealing with a move, losing a valued relationship.  But when do natural emotions, which are a part of life and being human, become unhealthy?  When does sadness turn from temporary emotion to serious depression?  When does normal life stress begin to have a negative effect on mental and relational health?  Here are 5 signs you may be dealing with something more serious than the normal range of human emotions.

1. You experience general feelings of apathy and a lethargic response to life.  Not wanting to answer the phone or complete normal daily tasks.  No motivation.

2. Forgetfulness.  Locking your keys in the car, forgetting to remove the clothes from the washing machine, forgetting what you wore or ate the last few days.

3. Foggy thinking.  The tasks of forming a sentence or completing a thought becomes slowed and more challenging.

4. Neglecting self-care.  Skipping the normal shower, not putting yourself to bed at a reasonable hour, and not getting any exercise or fresh air are signs that self-care is being neglected.

5. Overwhelming sadness that is difficult to explain.  A feeling of hopelessness.

If you have experienced some of these symptoms, visiting a professional counselor, psychologist, or physician can help!  Determining the root cause of what you are experiencing can hugely improve your outlook and your quality of life.


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