5 Ways to Eat More Kale and Why

Why is Kale so trendy right now?  Perhaps because it is higher in Vitamins A & C than any other dark leafy green, or maybe it’s because of it’s reliable folate content, or because it delivers a healthy dose of Vitamin K and minerals such as calcium and manganese that contribute to bone health.  Perhaps Kale is popular because of itscancer fighting capabilities or it’s work in protecting eye health. (La Puma,2008)  Or maybe it’s just because we are finally learning how to prepare it in a way that actually tastes good!  I think all of the above.  Here are 5 great ways to get this “super food” into your meals this week:

  1. Breakfast: Clean, chop, saute with onion, and add to your morning omelet.
  2. Lunch: replacement for iceberg lettuce in any sandwich or salad (baby kale is great for this)
  3. Lunch: Clean, chop, and throw into your soup during the last 2 min. of cooking, let wilt, and enjoy!
  4. Dinner: Saute with olive oil, garlic, and lemon juice over med-hi heat – a delicious side dish..yuumms.
  5. Dinner: Add to marinara and or a rice pilaf and let wilt, or toss with olive oil, sea salt, and pepper and bake on its own until just beginning to crisp.
Want to discuss your favorite kale attributes further?  Leave a comment on our blog or send us a note!  Happy, healthy eating this week!

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