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5 Ways to Eat More Kale and Why

Why is Kale so trendy right now?  Perhaps because it is higher in Vitamins A & C than any other dark leafy green, or maybe it’s because of it’s reliable folate content, or because it delivers a healthy dose of Vitamin K and minerals such as calcium and manganese that contribute to bone health.  Perhaps Kale is popular because of itscancer fighting capabilities or it’s … Continue reading

Meals That Heal

Nutritional scientists today are finding many food combinations that can boost your nutrient intake dramatically.   You may know that both spinach and blueberries are high on the list of good-for-you, nutrient dense (or nutrient “rich”) foods but, did you know that eating spinach and blueberries together can improve your nutrient intake exponentially?  While nutrients in spinach (called … Continue reading

Help Your Kids Love Their Bodies

Parent – Child Activities for Better Body Image Health Educator, Liz Barnes, shares her ideas for keeping kids self-esteem strong. Myth #1: “How I look is more important than who I am.” • Read “Beauty and the Beast,” and discuss the idea of objectification. • Explore, together, the history of body ideals—corsets and Chinese foot … Continue reading

Welcome to Whole Life Community Health Education Resources

Our mission is to provide high quality health education, programming, and curriculum to communities both large and small.  We provide programming to recreational departments, local community centers, counseling centers, corporate communities, churches, and small businesses. If you are interested in offering Whole Life community health courses within your community, please call 224.343.3477 or email for … Continue reading